Welcome To Brown Girls DIY Too …..

Hey! I’m Melanie, a thirty-something homeowner from Philadelphia and I am absolutely inspired/obsessed with turning something OLD into something shiny and NEW – it’s an utter turn on however when I can do it for next to no money at all. ( I WILL TOTALLY DUMPSTER DIVE OR PICK UP DIS-GUARDED FINDS ON THE CURB ON TRASH DAY)

My daily challenge is to find ways to create beauty and happiness through the Do-It-Yourself approach. On this blog I’ll share home décor projects, craft and home renovations, both the good and the total fails.

I believe in life long learning, which means I’m constantly trying, failing, dreaming big dreams and trying to embrace all of the imperfections – all while having a blast enjoying the small things afforded to me.

Stay tuned for all of my DIY and Thrifting projects, tips and tricks!

Thanks For Reading

-Brown Girls DIY Too



  1. Hey Melanie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your visit. I read that you are from Philadelphia. My husband grew up in Mt. Airy and I am from NJ. We lived in Germantown and Northeast right before we moved to Georgia. Looking forward to your projects. Take care!


    • Hi Brandi! Thanks so much for your comment. I lived in Mt. Airy for most of my life and bought my first home in Olney (where I currently live) about 5 years ago, I’m now finding it’s time to spruce up and freshen up this joint – so DIY it is! Love your blog and looking forward to your future projects and post! Thanks again!


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