DIY Children’s Hand Painted Rocking Chair: Part #1

I had the itch to go thrifting this weekend. Whenever I get that itch I usually find a pretty awesome score or two, any of my other thrifter’s know the feeling?

So, bright and early Saturday morning off to the thrift store I went. 

And, boy oh, boy look what I found close to 2 minutes after I walked in the door.

This perfect children's rocking chair.

This perfect children’s rocking chair.

My attention was drawn to it at the same exact moment that an elderly couple were admiring it. I contemplated hip checking the old man and tripping the old lady so that I could get my hands on it first (just kidding ….. maybe). 

Luckily, they admired and quickly went about their business rummaging through the .99 table.

I quickly moved in and snatched up my precious! The very first thing I thought of was the miniature wooden rocking chair that my grandmother had given to me as a child, now more than 30 years later my mother still has the chair in perfect condition at her home.

Just so happens that my niece’s first birthday is coming up in less than a week and I thought, what better gift for a first birthday than a personalized hand painted little rocking chair.

So, now I have my sketch of what I want it to look like, my spray paint, my acrylic paints and stencils and I’m hoping to be able to create a masterpiece in under 5 days.

I’ll be back in the next few days to keep you updated on my progress. Stay tuned!!



I Love My Local Dollar Tree Store!

Words can NOT express just how much I adore the Dollar Tree!

I mean, I can literally spend hours perusing the shelves.

My latest #DIY project is a total home office makeover, I work from my home doing freelance project management and spend the majority of my day/life in my office. Lately, i’ve been feeling very uninspired in my office and decided I probably need to freshen up my office space a bit for some new motivation.

So, for the last week I’ve been priming, sanding, deciding on paint colors, themes, freshening up my wood trim with glossy white paint, etc. 

Here's my little ole office in it's current state of makeover and disarray.

Here’s my little ole office in it’s current state of makeover and disarray.

View of my desk ..... a total mess!

View of my desk ….. a total mess!

Yesterday, I made my third trip to my local home improvement store for some additional supplies. While there I thought I should pick up another paint tray since I only had one at home and still had another 3 walls to paint in my office.

I headed over to the paint aisle to discover that the price of the paint tray’s ranged from $5 – $9! Um, seriously – I DON’T THINK SO. My first thought was that I’d keep using the method I’d been using, which was lining my current paint tray with a plastic shopping bag as a liner and swapping the bag out for each paint color I used. 

Then I remembered there was a Dollar Tree in the same shopping complex – perhaps I’d be able to score a paint tray there, right?? I mean, they carry just about everything else a girl could possibly need/want, right?

So, I headed over to good ole Dollar Tree. After I spent sometime browsing the back to school items (can you believe summer is almost over!), and the cleaning supply aisle I thought there could be a possibility that I wouldn’t find what I’d come looking for. 

Low and behold, I rounded the corner and there they were. Not only did they have paint tray’s but they also had these plastic drop cloths that I thought I’d give a try (I’ll report back in a future post).

Paint Tray

These are just 2 of the great finds I’ve picked up lately from my local Dollar Tree. What gems have you picked up from the dollar store lately???

Until my next post, remember, Brown Girls DIY Too!